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A dialogue between trade unions, employers and public authorities is required to lessen the negative impacts of privatisation. Serbia lacks not only a tradition, but also the required capacities and structures for this. Solidar Switzerland engages in a constructive social dialogue and supports trade unions in their competence building activities.


Consequences of Privatisation and Conflict

Years after the fall of Slobodan Milosevic's regime, the 7.5 million inhabitants of Serbia still suffer the consequences of the violent conflict with their ex-Yugoslav neighbours and subsequent international sanctions. While there is reason to hope for some direct investments, state-owned companies will soon be privatised and past experience in other countries has shown that privatisation tends to bring increased unemployment – currently at about 33% – due to restructuring.


Hands-on Support for Social Dialogue

It is important that labour unions, employers and public authorities should enter into a dialogue at an early stage in order to soften the negative social impacts of privatisation, and find common solutions. Solidar Switzerland endeavours to strengthen the social partners and to promote dialogue by providing counselling, further education, improving organisational development, and providing opportunities for exchange and networking. Solidar Switzerland 's Serbian website is an important tool.


Cyrill Rogger is Solidar Switzerland's desk officer for Serbia.