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Key Issues


Solidar Switzerland focuses mainly on the following four topics:

Labour and Trade Unions: Decent work for all is the most successful strategy to fight poverty. Solidar Switzerland is committed to improving working conditions in the formal and informal economy, and in cooperation with trade unions and informal sector organisations. Solidar Switzerland functions as a catalyst for the promotion of social dialogue between unions, employers and government authorities.
Participation und Democracy: In order to empower disadvantaged people, Solidar Switzerland promotes democracy and participation worldwide. Educational programmes and support of grassroots organisations increase the number of people participating in democratic structures.
Rural Development: Most Solidar Switzerland projects are located in rural areas. This is where poverty is worst in many countries. Access to land and credits are as relevant to sustainable development as a good education.
Humanitarian Aid: Solidar Suisse is committed to humanitarian aid, providing swift and effective help and support in the event of a disaster. It is part of Solidar, a worldwide network of partners who share the Solidar Suisse's principles. Humanitarian aid also continues to be required in Solidar Suisse cooperation countries.
Campaigning: In Switzerland, Solidar Switzerland also conducts political campaigns: E.g. the Campaign "No Exploitation With Our Tax Money" calls for labour laws and social standards to become part of public procurement processes. It demands that municipal and cantonal governments should only buy goods produced under fair working conditions.
The Poster for the campaign shows that cheaply quarried stone often has a downside (Kehrseite). An overview of the current campaigns is available here in German or French.


These cross-cutting issues are top priorities in all of the Solidar Switzerland activities  :

Gender and Human Rights:  Being aware of what we're doing.   Organisational development and Empowerment: Strong Organisations can change the society.   Peace Promotion: Create a fairer society without the use of violence.